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Friday, July 17, 2009

I am Residing Outside India still can i Join?

Yes. Definitely. People from anywhere in the world can join this programme.
How Do i pay The Fee $7 Or Rs.350?
We have provided Several Payment options. International Members Can Pay through PayPal,Alert pay.
Members From India Can Pay through Demand Draft,Money Order,Direct Bank Deposit,Internet Bank Transfer,PayPal,Alert pay

NOTE: All The Payment Option Details Will Be provided In Member Area Once You Complete Your Registration.
How Do I Get Paid?

All your commissions will be issued through company Checks & e-Money Order(INDIA ONLY), For International Members Commissions are paid through Alert Pay or paypal.
When Do I Get Paid?
You may request Your Commission payment in your Member area at any time as soon as your Commission balance reaches $6 Or INR 300 and above. Your Commissions Will be processed and Sent Within 72 Business Hours.
Can I Register Multiple 2 or More Accounts?

you can have as many accounts as you like, you can even use the same email address to all of your accounts. The system just requires different usernames.

Is This Legal?

Yes, Time2rich is 100% legal.1000% successful.Time2rich offers fantastic Products and Services and that is why our program is perfectly legal.You are Promoting E-book as a Affiliate.By the way you’ll getting Commision Per Sale As per the above Plan.